Mailsmith-GPG Scripts

Mailsmith, the e-mail client developed by BareBones, had native PGP support in its MacOS 9 version, but this feature is still not available under MacOS X. The reason is that there is actually no MacOS X port of PGP. However, thanks to some developers, the open source alternative to PGP (GPG, which is fully compatible with the former), has been ported to Darwin. I've written up some Applescripts for Mailsmith to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify messages using GPG.

For further information, read the Notes file inside the distribution. You may also want to have a look at the MacGPG project.

Mailsmith-GPG-0.3.sit (48kb)
Mailsmith-GPG-0.2.sit (48kb)
Mailsmith-GPG-0.1.sit (44kb)
A patch kindly provided by Andrew Brosnan

Version history:

Version 0.3 (17-Sep-2002):
- added Artistic License to the package;
- all operations are done without using filesystem (no more Temp directory, much faster, less buggy);
- merged Decrypt and Verify scripts in a combined, "intelligent" one;
- added a combined "Sign & Encrypt" script;
- Encrypt now supports multiple recipients (automatically taken from "To:" field);
- Encrypt now uses -v option in gpg instead of -q, to get verbose output;
- partially fixed a bug that made scripts fail when key name contained a single quote char.

Version 0.2 (25-Jul-2002):
- no more need to manually select text (scripts now detect automatically the text to parse);
- Encrypt takes the default recipent from "To:" field;
- fixed a bug in Decrypt that prevented it from showing GPG output;
- fixed a bug in Sign by hard-wrapping the text before processing it.

Version 0.1 (25-Jul-2002):
- new, based on Richard Chang's Eudora-GPG


by Alessandro Ranellucci <> - Last update: 17 September 2002